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Greg Kurka

module 5 from 7systemsofcontrol on Vimeo

This piece involves a correlation between Reiner’s formulaic ANN, and my own piano improvisations. I play piano and the piano plays back according to what I played previously. I play according to what it played. The piece progresses as we work together to form a piece. My own piano improvisations are derived from different forms of contemporary music, including jazz, concert contemporary, popular music etc. ANN’s material is derived from an analysis of my piano improvisation. It analyses pitch classes and velocities, and rhythms, and plays along with me. The piece begins at a low volume, with short bursts of loud chords. The middle section becomes more melodic, and ANN works in notes along the way. Material builds until the piano is overloaded with information from ANN, with every key on the piano being played in a dense rhythms, as I struggle to keep up with what ANN is generating. My improvisation is influenced by the technology until I struggle to keep up with said technology. This exhibits a system of control that technology plays in everyday life.

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