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module 7 from 7systemsofcontrol on Vimeo.

The closing module, directed by David Stout in collaboration with the IPA class, attempts to coalesce various themes and inter-media approaches developed in the first six modules. In particular the interaction of language is explored through combinations of spoken word, song, concrete text and fragmented operatic vocal recordings initiated by ANN. Module Seven focuses on a poetic character sketch written by Stout and delivered by Martin Back depicting a kind of privileged self righteous attitude endemic to a now common meme merging incendiary political rhetoric and half-baked eschatology. Perhaps the most powerful element that emerges is the final sequence where animated text falls from the sky (down the screen) and draws increasing numbers of performers onto stage to dismantle, erase or get rid of the offending text. Instead, the text-bombs accumulate like a snow-drift in front of the futile outstretched arms of the entire cast, who, for a moment, resemble a band of fugitives (unwitting citizens) caught in a prison searchlight.

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