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Tery Celaya

Jonathan Jackson

Rachel Albright

Scott Martin

At the beginning of the semester, we set out to create a physical musical interface between sounds generated in MAX/MSP and a performer. We played with different visual symbols related to concepts of control before finally settling on the idea of a cage. A cage was constructed from wood and metal and interfaced with MAX through the use of several USB contact microphones. The sounds that were generated consisted of granulated sampled speech patterns and processed metal sounds.

To accompany the musical performance, a poem written by Rachel Albright was projected onto a screen.  The image of performer Jonathan Jackson was filtered through real time manipulation software and visually integrated into the poem’s scrolling presentation.

module 6 from 7systemsofcontrol on Vimeo


We are not them.  They are not us.
We come from different time,
speak different speaks,
understand different knows.
But they have I’s just like us,
and when they smile or cry,
If we really see them,
we experience their emotions.
We know not  their words
but we sense their feels.
Are we ever them?
I am not you. You are not me.
I see from different eyes,
Experience different sees,
Speak other thinks.
But you think just like me,
and when I speak,
if your internal dictionary
matches my internal dictionary,
my words travel through the air
as acoustical waves
and my thoughts
become your thoughts.
Am I ever you?
I am not myself.  My self is not I.
We are on a ride of perpetual motion,
tiny packets of matter
squealing along in space
and time.
I am of the world,
the world of description,
description which my mind
co-creates under certain rules,
conditions, syntax.
I am the world.
Will I be myself
in the quantum existence
where space ceases
and time goes backwards?
Am I always I?

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