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module 2 from 7systemsofcontrol on Vimeo

Rachel Albright
Morehshin Allahyari
Dan Kruger

Our group was organized with the purpose of coming up with a concept for the performance. This was a weighty task, especially since the concept we formulated would have to be used by the whole group and would organize the feeling of the show.

Hours were spent in coffee shops and Morehshinʼs apartment theorizing and debating different themes that would be worthy of a production. We were interested in exploring a location-specific theme. Currently, living in Texas, the South, all of us came to the conclusion that we could use this common point in order to facilitate a discussion about stereotypes and identity (a common theme in southern culture). We met on a weekly basis and used this basic concept to develop a more complex philosophical structure.

Thinking of words, stereotypes, and the meaning behind them we eventually started thinking about the issue of power and control within language. Regardless of different approaches and interests towards this subject, at the end our team developed several texts which were dispersed throughout the production, an audio/video piece, and a performance.

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