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Andrew Bowling – CVAD – New Media – Artist, Designer, Grip

I am studying new media art at the University of North Texas. For this Systems of Control, I created the light shower and did background technical work.

For §¥S†€m§ ◊ƒ ÇØ∏‡®º|, I actively engaged the performance as a whole. I developed and built the “light shower”, as it came to be called but I also input opinion and advice throughout the planning and rehearsal phases. My work was mostly in the background, as a grip and consultant. Within the hierarchy of people working on the performance, I saw the opening for someone to be working in tandem with everyone, providing resources and insight to progress the development of the performance. This tandem practice secured my own knowledge of the performance and my understanding of the performance as a whole, not just one part. It was taxing, to continually be running between different members of the crew and coordinating what I needed to do. The outcome was worth it because I provided an assist which assisted me most of all because by association, I view this performance as reflecting on me and I did not want to have a lackluster performance. I came out of the work feeling accomplished. I provided equipment, insight, my knowledge and skills in cooperation with many other people. By the end, I felt included in a performance with many people and not like I only had worked on one part of the whole.

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