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BA in Music from UNT with an emphasis on piano and is currently pursuing a second Bachelors in Film.

Taking class

The opportunity to work on a collaborative project with and ensemble
of creative people with diverse disciplinary backgrounds.
As well as the opportunity to delve deeper into the
New Media discipline.

Individual Thoughts/General Project

We were prompted with what I felt as the most challenging task of our respective modules. It was our task to set the theme of our project. This involved many stimulating rigorous debates spanning ethical, philosophical, and political issues as they relate to contemporary society and the artist as commentator and critic.
This discursive often tempestuous process is necessary for achieving personal and artistic growth. I think that in collaborative work were a hierarchical power structure is not the modus operandi (as in film par example) and an egalitarian environment is the creative dynamic , it essential to espouse and justify any relevant personal beliefs, assumptions, and prejudices in order to maintain the intergrety of the artists involved and integrity between the concept and content of the given piece. To put all cards on the table, as it were. I felt personally satisfied with my group partners willingness to openly confront the subject matter of our module and the larger project.

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