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David Stout is a professor in the Composition Division of the College of Music and coordinator of iARTA – Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts at the University of North Texas. His films, installations, music and performances fusing the poetic, personal and political have been presented worldwide. As an interdisciplinary teacher he has been directing large-scale collaborative projects integrating the visual, performing and sonic arts for 3 decades. David was the original founder of the Inter-Arts Workshop at the California Institute of the Arts, directed the Expressionist Café at the Savannah College of Art & Design and went on to develop the Installation, Performance & Interactivity (IPI) project and MOV-iN Gallery at the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico. His current interests cross a wide expanse of computational art-making practices including noise music, complex interactive systems, artificial life, audio-visual trans-coding applications and a broad artistic engagement with science, scientific methodologies, data dramatization and information theory.

As the Director of the Intermedia Performance Art class at UNT David observes, “this class makes significant demands on students to put their accumulated knowledge into practice in front of a diverse community audience. We do this with a historical grounding in our respective disciplines and a basic understanding of performance art as it evolved from early modernism into the post-human modalities being explored today. Every year the project always takes its own shape, largely because each group of student creators present a unique amalgam of perspectives, skills and cultural backgrounds. I cannot imagine anything more exciting than working in concert with programmers, choreographers, filmmakers, interactive media artists, composers, singers, sculptors and writers to distill an idea or artistic approach and then bring this to life in a multi-sensory / multi-disciplinary form.”

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