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I am a Masters student in the Music Composition department at the University of North Texas. My interests lie in sound art, installation, and improvisation. For this class, I helped create an acoustic/digital hybrid instrument with Trey Celaya, and played this instrument in the performance.

The instrument itself took the form of a row of bars, invoking a cage. These metal bars triggered electronic sounds from my computer through Max/MSP. During the performance, I played on the instrument that we created – with hands, mallets, pots and pans… – as well as several small percussion instruments. The performance was further enhanced by Scott Martin, who created a live interactive video element to be projected along with my own performing image on a large screen that also contained text related to the theme of “systems of control” written by Rachel Albright.

I am increasingly interested in the variety of media available to today’s artist, and in how the barriers between disciplines have collapsed – leaving an open space in which to consider how to best approach the act of creative expression with so many (seeming limitless) material/formal options. With “intermedia” it becomes possible for individuals – or groups of people – to find similarities and question differences between various modes of expression. I took this course to create something with other people and see what would happen.

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