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Lilyana Petrova – RTVF – IMUS University Of Savoie, France : Writer, Designer, Dancer

My name is Lilyana Valentinova Petrova, I’m born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, I’m a student in IAE – IMUS, University De Savoie, Annecy, France in Hypermedia Arts. I’m an exchange student in RTVF department UNT, Denton, USA in documentary film and Intermedia collaboration.

I’m interested in Images, International and Interactivity. My artistic research is exploring the concept of the “meeting points” . This is an idea that I developed during my graduate studies in France. I started by questioning the way that differences and most particularly different surfaces interact with each other, the mechanisms of their interaction with the history of art as a main reference. I’m continuing seeking for new possibilities to investigate and to decorticate this subject as an onion could be decorticated, by different layers of experiences.

For the Intermedia Performance Art class I was working in collaboration mainly with Scott Martin and Rachel Caldwell over the conception of dance movements and the way that dance can feet into a collaborative performance using new media design. I also contributed and experienced other work as a multilanguage performer. I used my graphic design skills in order to create a visual presentation of the Performance and a program for the visitors. Finally I enjoyed a lot participating in this project, experiencing different talents and work potentials and learning from all that great people that participated with me. The word is future and collaboration!

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