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Monica Cloud – Comp Sci / CVAD – Animator, Programmer

Artistic Programmer, Graphics Performer, Studying to complete: BFA New Media, BS Computer Science

Systems of Control was one of my first experiences collaborating on an art project and one of my first experiences creating a performative piece. Thinking in terms of performance was definitely different and challenging, mostly because it required that I learn to use a new program and a new way of coding which would allow me to incorporate performative elements into the work. Luckily the design aspect of Module 3 was made easy through collaboration with an enthusiastic partner.

I was charged with the task of creating a virtual, audio-visual instrument. Most of the real-time graphics editing programs that I researched use a node network for programming. It is meant to be easier for artists to learn because everything is visual. Accustomed to script programming, I found the task of learning node network programming limiting and daunting and in my research stumbled across VVVV which seemed to be a little of both. VVVV (commonly pronounced ‘fear fow’ [‘vier v’] meaning “4 v’s” in German) is a general purpose toolkit with a special focus on real time video synthesis and programming large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video. As I was learning VVVV, I found that one of its nodes, audio analysis, will turn live audio into numbers, giving me a variable that I easily understand and know how to utilize. This information triggers an animation that distorts 3D geometry, creating an exploding effect.

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