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New Media M.F.A Candidate

I am an interdisciplinary artist and an art activist. I was born and raised in Iran and moved to the United States in 2007. My creative and research interest include the social, political and cultural issues of Iran specifically body, self-censorship, third person narrative, distance, not belongingness, creative writing, media art, daily life in Tehran, and collaborative art.
My main reason for taking this class was to study with David Stout and collaborate with students from different disciplines, with different skills, interests, and backgrounds.
In my collaboration with Rachel Albright and Dan Kruger we looked for a common point in which we could all be passionate about. In our meetings we talked about stereotypes and the power of words and language more than any other subject. Therefore, we decided to come up with ideas and concepts related to language and its controlling aspect. I participated in writing some text for our video, and also took part in creating and editing a video. In one of the sections of our Module “Egckhhum”, I chose a text in Farsi about language and used google translator to translate it to English, Then from English to French, From French to Bulgarian, From Bulgarian to German, and then back to English and English to Farsi. I was interested in “the lost in translation” aspect of language, as well as the transition in power from one language to other. While rehearsing with other students in our class who were able to speak these languages, we also realized that we could play with many other aspect of language as a system of control while performing these texts. For example “volume”, “tone”, “lighting of stage”, etc.
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