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Rachel Albright is an Anthropology and Interdisciplinary arts student interested in studying and exploring liminal aspects of western culture and cross-cultural transcendent experiences.
My contribution
I worked with Dan Kruger and Morehshin Allahyari on the conceptual content of the performance. We worked long nights on various concepts, taking the ephemeral and attempting to make it into a tangible format that could guide a performance structure. From there, I worked closely with Morehshin, Dan, Scott, Lily, Rachel, and Reiner to integrate our performance systems and worked with Scott to organize everyone’s concepts into one cohesive performance, deciding on creating movable “modules” which would explore different aspects of our theme, control. From there I went into “producer mode.” I worked with each group, organized rehearsals, and generally managed the integration of each group’s contribution. Additionally, I wrote a poem which was integrated with Scott’s Isadora performance that was layered on Jonathan and Trey’s cage performance, collaborated with Morehshin to write the words which appeared in the video portion of Module 2, had my voice recorded for the same video, and typed on text edit during the performance attempting to filter the language I was hearing into a visual form.

Why I took the class/ individual thoughts on the project & our group’s

I took the class because I found last years class so refreshing. It was a reflective time, and a group which fostered in me a new thirst for creativity and collaboration. This year’s class was no different. It took on a new form, allowing me to work semi-closely with all of the other students. This did take away a certain autonomy from the individual group, but provided me with new challenges to face, which always leaves a more creative solution. Overall I am very happy with the class. It always intrigues me how a disparate group of people can come together and combine their different interests and skills and create something coherent and interesting. While the structure of the course, due to the new performance context and the snow days/ earlier performance date, was frustrating, I think that everything came together wonderfully. I do wish that we had more time to work together each week, and I think that perhaps if we had met twice a week instead of once a week the integrative format would have run more smoothly. Other than that, it was a wonderful class.

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