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My name is Rachel Caldwell and I am a senior at the University of North Texas. I am about to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. I have been dancing for eighteen years and my passions vary from Ballet to Modern dance, from choreography to Contact Improvisation. Upon taking Professor Claudia Howard Queen’s Composer Collaboration Class in 2009, my interest in collaboration was ignited. This new passion for interdisciplinary collaboration lead me to take David Stout’s Intermedia Performance Art class.

My role in the performance was the collaborative conceptualization and performance of Module 4, alongside Scott Martin and Lilyana Petrova. Our goal was to create a movement vocabulary that was accessible to both dancers and non-dancers. This has been a wonderful experience for me as it has opened my eyes to new forms and methods of collaboration. Being more of a linear thinker and goal-oriented artist, the process of conceptualizing our section of the “opera” was both frustrating and extremely rewarding. Our ideas and intentions were constantly morphing and evolving. I learned new approaches to creating artwork and gained much insight into the possibilities that collaboration can bring. Working with so many diverse and talented artists has given me much inspiration as to future projects I hope to do.

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