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Reiner Krämer is a PhD candidate in Music Theory with a related field in Computer Music at the University of North Texas. Reiner has taught Music Fundamentals, Aural Skills I-IV and currently teaches Aural Skills IV and a class on Computer Assisted Music Notation, involving software environments such as Finale, Sibelius and LilyPond at UNT. His main research interests include interactive music systems, computer music, electroacoustic music, algorithmic composition, artificial intelligence, music programming and compositional theory in regards to music theory. Reiner has worked as a programmer at companies in the private and public sectors. In his previous life, as was customary of a true Generation-X representative in the 1990s, Reiner played in various rock’n’roll ensembles. Reiner is a card-carrying member of the Society for Mathematics and Computation in Music, the International Computer Music Association, the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States, the Society for Music Theory and the College Music Society.

In the Intermedia Performance Art Seminar at UNT, Reiner was involved creating an umbrella or overarching sound environment that interacted with most of the seven modules that make up the work of “7 Systems of Control.” This was an exciting opportunity, since it involved collaborating with spoken text, theatrical enactments, dancing, lighting, staging and other sounds and musicians. The class culminated in a very abstract opera, but nonetheless an opera, containing an overture, dramatization, dancers, a chorus, antagonists, protagonists, heroines, a grand finale, etc. From a technical perspective, Reiner was able to push the envelope by implementing and programming an Artificial Neural Network as a Leitmotif within the PureData programming environment and collected valuable hands-on experiences in how to organize musical material for an Intermedia Performance Art show.

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