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Scott Martin

Texas Woman’s University, MFA candidate in Dance

Rolls: Choreographer, Interactive Video Designer (Isadora), Assistant Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, & Web Documentation

Artistic Statement :

My belief is that learning and creation are both processes of making connections to preexisting understandings, creating a space of emotional security and support, maintaining a balance of information delivery and discovery, and challenging one’s self to take ownership of one’s own learning and creativity, thereby transitioning oneself from a receiver to producer. This creates a culture of integrative thought and action. In order to achieve these connections within and between people and the environment, I implement the use of traditional and contemporary dance forms with special attention to development of improvisational techniques, understanding of dance in historical contexts, intersection of dance theory and practice, examinations of personal choreographic processes, and explorations into the potentials of inter-media design and performance specifically focused around dance and technology.

My personal artistic research currently focuses around identifying and discussing the opportunities that virtual and responsive spaces offer to dance in developing deeper engagements with perceptual awareness, embodiment, and interactivity. I investigate different methods of integrating digital image projection and responsive computer systems into dance spaces and explore how these environments allow us to develop techniques of engaging, creating, experiencing, and communicating movement and idea. I refer to these spaces as “digi-sites.”

This project was an opportunity for me to participate in the exploration of a unique collaborative environment with artists from a variety of artistic disciplines.  The development of this unified work was exciting in that at each stage new possibilities and creative potentials emerged from the introduction, comparison, integration, and assimilation of perspectives and insights of other artists outside my personal discipline experience.  Professor Stout is a master at facilitating students’ understanding and ability to participate in these complex and exciting creative collaborative processes.

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